GoldMine Bucharest Teeth Grillz started in 2014 as the pioneer teeth grillz company in Romania. From the beginning we've thought about this business as a full mix of teeth accessories and all sorts of apparel. Not only this, but because teeth grillz are seen as this cool, though very expensive accessory, our aim was to create custom-made teeth grillz for every budget. So every teeth grill is uniquely manufactured for each one of you.

When it comes to our clothing lines, it’s only a bit of a different story. The clothing lines are made in collaboration with different artists we love, so the collections are limited. We plan to keep things this way, but you’ll also see some merch which will always be available.

Have fun around here! And whenever you want ask us questions, bring suggestions or just say “Hi!” via e-mail, Facebook or Instagram.

May your future be wrapped in gold, peeps!